About NPIP

In the early 2000’s catastrophic global events threw the insurance market into turmoil, leaving many nonprofits without the protection they needed to sustain their operations. In Washington, a small band of like-minded nonprofit leaders came together to pass legislation that would allow them to buy insurance collectively, share cost savings, and remain financially stable during volatile market swings. Today, the Non Profit Insurance Program is the legacy of their dedication to a philosophy of proactive risk management that allows nonprofits to focus on what matters most: their mission. 

Our Mission

Created by and for nonprofit organizations, the Non Profit Insurance Program provides risk management solutions and stable, affordable insurance. 

Our Vision

To help nonprofit members to take control of their insurance future and effectively address their risk landscapes by providing the best insurance products and risk management resources. 

Founding Principles

Our members are: 

  • Committed to pool stability by upholding safe and sound operational practices 
  • Willing to grow through education 
  • Dedicated to fostering a sense of pool community and partnership through responsible membership 

Relationship with Clear Risk Solutions

Clear Risk Solutions (CRS) is a program administrator that provides risk management and insurance services on NPIP’s behalf. They have specialized in risk pooling for over 40 years and administer several other pools in Washington which serve schools districts, municipalities, and counties. They work on NPIP’s behalf to secure necessary coverages, provide risk management, claims, and underwriting services, and work closely with the Board of Directors regarding pool initiatives, regulatory compliance, legislative matters, and more.   

Governing Documents