Pre-Litigation Program

Dealing with personnel issues and identifying areas of risk has become increasingly difficult and can be challenging, expensive, and time consuming for nonprofits. The Pre-Litigation Program (PLP) is designed to provide nonprofits technical assistance. When we are involved at the onset of the problem, we can provide education and guidance on navigating risk and minimizing liability. Our team provides consulting services such as analysis, investigations, and recommendations. To accomplish these, we approach each situation according to its unique characteristics to help you manage your risks. We will work jointly with your counsel to develop a plan of action to resolve the issue.

Consulting services

The NPIP Pre-Litigation Program provides assistance at the onset of and throughout any issues related to our members’ operations that could potentially result in liability under their insurance coverage. These include, but are not limited to:

Professional risk analysis of personnel manuals, policies and procedures, and evaluation of processes and forms.

Assistance in conducting internal investigations.

Providing policy and procedure recommendations to address personnel concerns, including performance evaluations, probation, discipline, or termination of employees.

Taking the right steps

We provide a wide variety of pre-litigation approaches, each of which is designed to meet your organization’s specific needs. The following are general steps of the pre-litigation process:

Utilize alternative risk management services where needed, which include Educational Services and Risk Control.

Meet with a Pre-Litigation Program consultant to review the situation at the onset of an issue.

Review policies and supporting documents relative to the matter.

Review a detailed outline of the entity’s actions to date.

Review procedures and legal requirements.

Work jointly with the member’s legal counsel or assigned NPIP counsel to develop a plan
of action to resolve the issue.

The NPIP Pre-Litigation Program (PLP) provides risk management information and services to the program’s membership upon request. Clear Risk Solutions does not provide legal advice. When seeking legal advice, all members are reminded to consult with their attorney or legal assistance from an independent attorney assigned by NPIP. Assignment of an NPIP approved attorney is discretionary and must be approved by the NPIP consultant assigned to the matter.