For nonprofits;
by nonprofits

NPIP’s goal is to provide resources for members to help control the risks they face daily, while simultaneously taking control of their insurance future. ‚Äč


See what our risk pool offers to your organization and access additional coverage options that fit your needs.

Risk Control

Take control of your organization’s risk profile and get ahead of potential issues by scheduling an assessment by our subject matter consultants.


Attend regional educational events that give you the tools you need to be compliant and reduce your claim expenses.


Access templates and other resources.


Puget Sound Community School

Working with the Risk Management team for policy reviews was great. They listened to our needs and the specific structures of our organization, consulted with their own team, and offered specific suggestions so we could create the policies we need to suit ourselves. Explaining the process helped our board and staff feel comfortable. Receiving the service as part of our involvement with NPIP makes me believe we can accomplish better outcomes if we work together.

Bellwether Housing

NPIP has been wonderful to work with; they have competitive insurance rates, responsive and responsible claims service, and they provide trainings and resources to nonprofits around risk and organizational practices that make us better.

Kent Youth and Family Services

NPIP not only comes to the rescue immediately on every claim, NPIP also provides multiple tools to reduce virtually every risk a nonprofit could encounter.