Reducing the Uncertainty of Loss

Beyond just insurance, NPIP provides an innovative and proactive approach to reducing the uncertainty of loss by providing the following:

  • Risk Control Programs and Surveys
  • Educational Trainings and Learning Development
  • Pre-litigation and Personnel Issue Consulting

Sound Risk Management Principles

Because of NPIP's aggressive approach to helping its members control their losses, members have access to loss control services that are typically only available to larger entities. This philosophy of sound risk management principles helps eliminate large insurance cost fluctuations and allows members to spend less time and money dealing with claims and devote more resources to their mission.

Customizable Services

Our team of risk management professionals works cooperatively with each member's organization. Program members can utilize free loss control resources offered by NPIP's insurance and risk management partner, Clear Risk Solutions. These services are all customizable and available on-site or online and can be utilized by all those throughout the organization, including board members, employees or volunteers.