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  • Facility Review

    • This is a hands-on broad encompassing on-site review. In order to identify areas of potential loss, a thorough inspection of your facilities, lighting, theft potential, vandalism, fire hazards, trip and falls, alarm systems and other facility exposures will be reviewed. This is a service all entities can benefit from.

  • Fleet Management

    • Using the latest information and technology, Clear Risk Solutions has created a one of a kind Fleet Management program. The process begins with a comprehensive review of the transportation facilities and processes. Drivers training workshops are incorporated to help with everyday situations. Our advanced program utilizes a "Driving Training Simulator (DTS)." This simulator provides the opportunity for the student to replicate any situation in a completely controlled environment. All of the fleet management sections are staffed by industry leading experts.

  • My Risk Management Plan

    • My Risk Management Plan is a web-based software program intended to help nonprofit leaders develop customized risk management plans for their organizations. Follow the link to learn more and register today

Contact our risk control team at or call 800.407.2027

Risk Control

NPIP provides risk control services that help to identify any potential risks and mitigate any prospective losses they may cause. Through its partner, Clear Risk Solutions, NPIP offers these services, which are tailored specifically to each member's individual needs. This aggressive but proactive approach keeps losses to a minimum, while maintaining high quality services, broad coverage and competitive rates.