As a member of the Non Profit Insurance Program your organization can participate in our online training program at no cost. We know that providing training to all your employees can be a challenge. online training is a great way to train new employees, as well as your entire organization.

Here is how it works:

  • 1) Designate a site administrator
  • 2) Call or e-mail Lori Sieverkropp at (800) 407-2027 or
  • 3) The site administrator will be assigned a username and password for your organization
  • 4) The site administrator will assign a username and password for each employee that will be taking the training

Features of online training:

  • Convenient and user friendly
  • Complete in minutes
  • Immediate test results
  • Available Training

    • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

      This training helps participants identify and apply the important elements of carefully and correctly handling sexual harassment issues and complaints. This workshop offers a detailed overview of what sexual harassment is while also explaining: legal definitions, prevention techniques, and how to handle sexual harassment complaints. Participants will learn to identify, take action and distinguish potential issues before they occur.