The NPIP Difference

Comprehensive Coverage

NPIP has surpassed many other coverage alternatives that are available to nonprofit organizations. We have done this by providing our members with a stable risk financing option which allows its members to have their entire insurance package placed in one policy with one common renewal date.

Protection You Can Trust

NPIP members jointly self-insure all manageable and predictable losses. To protect the program against any catastrophic claim, NPIP purchases an insurance policy to cover losses that exceed the self-insurance layer. In addition, NPIP's assets are protected against an abnormally high frequency of claims that may occur during a given year through its aggregate stop loss policy. These safety nets ensure the amount of money paid towards claims is capped and will likely never exceed a predetermined amount.

Founding Principles

As a member-owned and member-driven program, NPIP's success is a result of its founding principles based on:

  • Education
  • Individual responsibility
  • Greater sense of community